Zhong Zheng

Software Enginner

https://zhong.devSydney, Australia

πŸ›  Skills

  • Ruby on RailsRubyRSpecReactJavascriptWebpackHTMLCSSHotwireGatsby.jsTailwindCSSJamstackPostgreSQLPythonZPL
  • GitGithubTerraformBuildkiteConfluenceJIRASnowflakeCustomer Data PlatformRudderstack

✨ Highlights

πŸ’» Experiences

  • Shippit Pty. Ltd

    Senior Software Engineer-Present
    • Integrated customer data and analytics platform using Rudderstack and Snowflake.
    • Improved long running and flaky tests, which reduced build time by 76% from ~60 mins to 14 mins. Greatly increased team happiness, productivity and saved server costs
    • Awarded as 'Ultimate Weapon'
    • Implemented invoicing and payment systems, processed over $141M and growing.
    • Discovered and implemented design patterns with code generation that reduced errors, improved team happiness and productivity.
    • Led small teams and mentored junior developers.
  • STEAM Digital

    Fullstack Developer-
    • Developed a deployment notification system that automated communication for releasing new features.
    • Gathering requirements from internal stakeholders and outlined software requirements in UML diagrams.
    • Designed, developed and maintained features using HAML, CoffeeScript, Rails 3, Angular 1
  • GradReady Pty. Ltd

    Web developer-
    • Participated in discussion with stakeholders to clarify business requirements.
    • Implemented core business components, online exercises, exams, ticketing and payment systems.
    • Integrated to AWS/Cloud infra such as S3 and ElasticTranscoder.
  • Docit Enterprise

    Fullstack Engineer-
    • Maintained legacy codebase in Python/Flask.
    • Designed architecture and developed backend of site from scratch in Ruby on Rails, including user subscription, user token authentication, business logics, RESTful APIs.
    • Assisted in development of frontend Single Page Application(SPA) with AngularJS.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ“ Education

The University of Sydney

Bachelor of Engineering - Software-
  • Thesis - Recognising affective state recognisation with depth map.
  • Implemented a web application that generates CV/resume in pdf format from user’s online profile of GradConnection Pty. Ltd as a 3rd year project, which shipped to over 150K users with 100% satisfaction.